residential interior design - build to live

We are experienced leaders in interior design for the luxury custom home market. Our role is to create unique timeless spaces and infuse functionality and practicality into the roots of every project.

We work collaboratively with you so that your home is personal and designed specifically for you and your family. No two projects are ever alike.

Building a home is a major investment - we work for you to protect this investment by providing interior design packages of drawings and specifications that can be priced by multiple companies for apples to apples quotes, and that ultimately save you time and money in supply and execution.

We are with you throughout the entire process to answer any questions when they arise during construction. We advocate on your behalf if needed and ensure that you are well-informed and well-educated about your options and the process.

residential interior design - build to sell

We know how to identify the target market for your projects, and how to make every space memorable and appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers.

Our job is to maximize the return on your investment by creating spaces that are so unique and interesting that people can’t envision themselves living anywhere else. And we strive to do this as cost effectively as possible.

We offer builder interior design packages specifically designed for cost effectiveness and share our industry contacts, resources and designer discounts.

Almost every one of our developer clients are repeat - we are part of their team and work collaboratively in both multi-family and single family residential projects.

Commercial interior design

We understand that our clients’ goals are to maximize their return on investment and create an environment that brings safety, productivity and happiness to the users of the space, whether that is for their employees or customers.

We go to great lengths to study (and in some cases help you to develop) your branding so that it is reflected in your interior design.

We push the envelope of creativity to create an uplifting and memorable environment that caters to the functionality and specific needs of your business.

We provide space planning, construction drawings, permit documents and detailed specifications so that the project can be executed seamlessly with a positive price-performance ratio.

We have experience in a diverse range of commercial interior design projects including but not limited to offices, retail spaces, casinos, hotels, cafes, salons and kids’ play and learning centres.

We are team oriented and form tight relationships with contractors and consultants, and are there for you throughout the entire process to answer questions and advocate on your behalf when needed.