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There is nothing more exciting than being able to have your home designed and built, exactly to your specifications! Studio Ten’s team of skilled interior designers brings a unique blend of knowledge that helps differentiate between a “nice” home and “your” true home – and will be your personal guide throughout the entire process to ensure that your investment becomes exactly what you’ve dreamed of.

Our technical expertise ensures that your home will meet your functional needs with a design that optimizes the context of your lifestyle. If you love to cook and entertain, we will introduce you to design elements that have stood the test of time as well as the latest in promising trends and technologies. If your passion is watching movies or listening to music, we can work with you to design a home theatre or prized inner sanctum. From wine sommeliers to guitar collectors, we’ve worked with all kinds of passions and visions, and all kinds of budgets – we have years of expertise honed by working with hundreds of clients to identify your unique values, preferences, and tastes.

If you don’t have an architect or designer on board yet for the exterior and site design, we work closely with many like-minded professionals that we’d be happy to refer – we can also refer many builders that our past clients have had great experiences with. The most successful builds are the ones where the architect, interior designer, and builder work together for the common goals of the client – when needed we can easily assemble the perfect team for the location, budget, and other parameters of your project.

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Studio Ten is an interior design leader for a reason

Studio Ten are leaders in interior design for the luxury custom home market. Our team includes professional registered designers with over 25 years of design experience and some of BC’s most beautiful and functional interiors in our portfolio. Our role is to work closely with you to create unique, timeless spaces and infuse functionality and practicality that will serve you for years to come and make your home an amazing place for you to live in.

Some of our clients are involved in every step of the process, while some of our clients prefer to let us take the lead (and have everything done by the time they get back from a trip 😉 – we are happy to work whichever way suits you and your lifestyle best. We are collaborative and receptive, and have zero ego – our job is to not put our mark on your home – our job is to lead you to a personalized end product that is a reflection of you. Our best work are projects where your friends don’t wonder who your designer was.

We create designs that allow for future considerations such as when the kids have left home, but your ageing parents are coming to live with you, to this being your forever home where you will be able to age in place and convert to full accessibility. Such matters may not be a concern – the point is that we are experts in getting to know you and your lifestyle, your dreams and your goals. We will incorporate understanding into our planning process and offer you options you may not have thought of as well as helping you optimize and improve design elements you are passionate about.

Inquire about our Interior Design Packages

Building or renovating a home is a significant investment – we work for you to protect this investment by providing interior design packages of drawings and specifications that can be priced by multiple companies for apples to apples quotes, and that ultimately saves you time and money in supply and execution of your project. Our builder clients will agree that what you spend in interior design services you will make back twice or three times over by having an efficiently run project where trades are in and out because they have a set of explicitly detailed instructions to work from. You can think of our services as a recipe book for your project.

We work collaboratively with you so that your home is personal and designed specifically for you and your family. No two projects are ever alike so while our processes and methods are consistent the “journey” we take with you is unique. It’s one of the main reasons we love our work!

The team at Studio Ten is also with you throughout the entire process to answer any questions when they arise during construction. We advocate on your behalf if needed and ensure that you are well-informed and well-educated about your options and the process.

Our client testimonials and online reviews on Google and Houzz are proof that we are as passionate as you are about creating your new home! If you have any questions or haven’t worked with a designer before, we’d be happy to offer our insight and chat with you about the process – please don’t hesitate to call us or fill out a contact form!

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