Design to Sell

When you are looking for a team to work with you to help maximize the return of a real estate investment the right Interior Design group is one of your most important choices. Our skilled team are experts at working with developers and private owners to make sure that interiors have the “wow factor” while being straight forward and cost effective to implement.

At Studio Ten we are well practiced on the latest and most in-demand technological and design trends and know the difference between must-have features from those that won’t stand the test of time. We are able to identify easily what the right product choices are for the parameters and budget of your project.

We know how to identify the target market for your sales, and how to make every project memorable and appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers. The key to a successful design-to-sell is to resonate – buyers want something that is unique and personal, and our approach to design ensures that your project really stands out from the competition.

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Developers love working with us

Whether you are a developer working on a mixed-use development project, multi-unit, or single-family residential project, we can integrate seamlessly with your consultant team in order to assist with both the pre-permit and pre-sales design processes for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our clients hire us at varying stages of the process – the developers we work with regularly bring us in at the early stages as we can also offer insight on the brainstorming phase with the marketing or realty team and to work with the architect to tweak the space planning to make the spaces more functional – in some of our projects we were able to reconfigure to create additional bedrooms or storage spaces.

With our newer clients, we are often hired later in the process – in these cases we are not looking to re-invent your project or undo the work that has already been done – we know how much work goes into the development phase and we are always very cognizant of respecting the skills and work of your consultant team. Architects love working with us because we are collaborative and considerate.

Our number one priority is to maximize the return on your investment by creating spaces that are so unique and interesting that buyers or tenants can’t envision themselves anywhere else, as cost-effectively as possible. We can also offer customization to the buyer’s specifications once the deal is signed – on a few of our past projects our services were sold with the units, which promises the buyers or tenants a simple and streamlined path to occupancy.

In a region where the competition is abundant, we have the team, expertise, and talent to create a project that will stand out today and classic enough to stand the test of time. We will work with you to create signature spaces that competitors will talk about for years to come. For smaller projects or if our builder clients are new to the industry, we offer customized builder interior design packages designed explicitly for cost-effectiveness and share our advice, industry contacts, resources, and designer discounts.

Most of our customers use our interior design services over and over!

We think the best testimonials are conveyed by our projects and our clients. Almost every one of our developer clients is repeat customer. Those who work with us enjoy our approach – we are part of their team and work collaboratively in mixed-use, multi-family, and single-family residential projects. They appreciate how our interior design experience and talents contribute to both the top and bottom line for their projects.

We work on private individual projects too

For smaller projects or private individuals looking to capitalize on the enormous potential of property development; take advantage of our design, planning, and management skills as well as extensive contacts with the industry’s best firms that based on the size and scope of your project we can refer for architectural, engineering, mechanical/electrical, as well as the build.

The Studio Ten team will work with you from the inception of your idea through to the final sale of the property. When needed we can even transition to assisting the new owners with final interior details of furniture, carpets, art, and accessories. If your buyer is an international client or new to the city, we can offer purchasing and staging services right down to the cutlery.

Our aim is to make the design experience technically flawless and completely professional from the first meeting to the final coat of paint, and to provide services that are flexible and customized to our client’s goals. Our team of design professionals, technical CAD operators, and 3D specialists ensure that we surpass your project needs and expectations.

If you have questions, would like to pick our brains, or wish to discuss a specific project, please call us or fill out a contact form!

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