Commercial Interior Design

In a commercial context, the presentation of your business space is its key component. Not only does the aesthetic of your company communicate your values and capabilities to clients, the structure of a work space has a direct correlation with the proficiency of the work done there. In an ideal design, both beauty and utility come into a unified focus. These factors are at the forefront of our commercial design process at Studio Ten. Most importantly, we seek to understand the factors which make your business unique, so that we can create an equally individual space for it to operate within.

For some ventures, good interior design must be the primary priority, not merely a valuable asset. Enterprises like restaurants or retail spaces require work environments that are not only intuitive and efficient for employees but which also content and intrigue large groups of clientele on a regular basis. In these scenarios, the quality of one’s interior design job can truly make or break business potential. At Studio Ten, we don’t want to just fulfill this potential, we strive to exceed it.

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Healthy Workspaces

When we go about designing a work environment, what we’re trying to do is bring the versatility of a space to the next level. Making sure employees are happy and healthy when they’re at work is the key to maintaining a productive staff. Our designers think about this carefully. When we begin the design process, we start by analyzing the tasks of each individual employee, considering how they interface with other staff members or clients, and taking note of where they might need audio or visual privacy. The finished product of our composition will take all of these factors into account, constructing a workspace in which employees can exist in proudly and comfortably.

Time & Money

We’re business owners as well, so we understand just as thoroughly as you do that time and money are a company’s most valuable resources. We always work closely with our clients in order to successfully manage timelines, budgets, and any other logistics. If you’re an owner without much experience in design planning, we will happily be your first point of contact. We offer extensive consultation processes that will allow you to layout a comprehensive plan and grasp everything that might be required along the way from permits to tools. Alternatively, if you already have contractors or architects selected, our experts have extensive experience collaborating with a wide range of other professionals.

Our Mission

Regardless of the needs or constraints of your project, our aim is always to help you construct a creative vision that expresses you, your brand, and your philosophy, and then bring that vision to life. If your job requires that we remain hyper-involved at every step of the process, we are more than prepared to do so. If you have some more experienced and merely need information or administrative help, we have the resources you require. At Studio Ten we seek to be as adaptable as possible because every design is unique and deserves to be treated with individual care. If you have any questions at all or wish to discuss a specific project, please call us, email us or fill out a contact form.

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