Major Renovations

Are you reimagining your existing home exactly the way you’d like it, or considering buying an investment property to rent out or sell? Renovating an existing home can often be far more complex than building a new home, so proper planning is essential. At Studio Ten, we offer an initial feasibility study to explore ideas and possibilities and help you determine whether a renovation is a sensible choice to bring your ideas and dreams to life. Our experts have the experience and skills to aid you in planning a realistic budget, making the most efficient use of space, all while creating a beautiful aesthetic and receiving the best possible return from your investment.

A renovation is not just about design – contending with existing space limitations, creating a realistic budget, adhering to code requirements, and determining the need for permits and/or structural consultants requires experience to navigate. If you are renovating to rent or sell, it is critical to be well-informed on current market conditions and trends. These tasks are understandably something that very few people are able to execute on their own, and for that reason, hiring a skilled interior design professional to help with your project is critical. It’s important to understand all of these moving parts before getting locked into a final building permit and Studio Ten will ensure you are covered, start to finish.

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Once the creative process is complete, Studio Ten provides detailed construction drawings and specification documents that can be turned into permit drawings or implemented by your contractor. Our team can also coordinate any structural professionals if needed, and can submit the required permit drawings and documents on your behalf. If you don’t have a contractor, we can aid you in selecting an ideal team to price and build your project. Studio Ten can guide you through the entire process from start to finish, providing you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for your project.

We are also available to you for the final touches such as selecting furniture, art, or any other amenities, and will continue to provide guidance until the job is complete. Simply put, at Studio Ten we grasp how cohesive a renovation needs to be, and honestly believe no one else can facilitate a cost-effective, functional, and creative vision for a renovation like we can.

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